Our Story

    Introducing Everyday Adventure Treats!

    The seed for Everyday Adventure Treats was planted the day I took care of my neighbor's little vegetable garden when I was 12, changing my life forever. Growing up in metro-Detroit gave me a wide and adaptive palate for a kid, yet, no amount of bribery nor punishment could force me to finish a slimy red tomato.
    While watering the small backyard garden, I remember smelling the vegetables. I recall this freshness while I type, it was so piercing. And the little red cherry tomatoes looked far juicier and more like fruit than any I had ever seen before, especially against the green upon green layers of the garden. It felt like Christmas on a warm, dewy July morning. I felt the smooth thin skin, as I snapped one from the vine, and held my breath as I popped it on my tongue, and bit down. The sour, sweet juice exploded with a crisp pop, exalting my senses. My mind transported to places and cultures beyond my experience, like Little Italy right inside this tiny garden. This was the most complex, yet simple food I’d ever tasted, and it wasn’t even cooked. Young mind blown.
    I walked home to Mom's kitchen and asked her why we never had tomatoes like THAT? Mom told me that fresh garden vegetables simply were not available at the grocery store, only farms, which were a world away from my urban life. The problem was accessibility. From that day on, I began to wonder, “How do we make such fresh food accessible to everyone?”
    The more I experienced divine flavors of fruits and vegetables that tasted like candy, nuts that melted in my mouth, the fragrance of toasting my first pumpkin seeds.. the better my body felt too. My energy and focus increased, and no matter how much I gorged on such fresh nourishment, my body digested it with ease. I began really questioning why grocery and restaurant food was so heavily processed, when we lived among such abundant potential in this fertile Heartland.
    Everyday Adventure Treats has become my answer. We are doing something about this. Right Now.
    While I love the romanticism of a candle-lit Farm-to-Table restaurant experience, I do acknowledge the growing need for cheap, fast convenience. Everyday Adventure Treats connects these two worlds, by making a consciously sourced portable snack.

    Today is the Official First Day of our new name, Everyday Adventure Treats.
    Over the past four years we’ve created a model that keeps our snacks fresher than any other snack bar, by carefully choosing our relationships with farmers and local retailers. The ingredients in our snacks are fresher than any sundries at a grocery store (which go through a long distribution chain before reaching shelves). Point blank, we have cut out the middle men of needless distribution, saving you money, and giving power back to the farmers who are passionate about perfecting their craft over generations to sustain us and this beautiful earth we live on.
    Our ingredients are of such fine quality, that we have decided to extend our line of offering online to include our individual ingredients, like Midwest pecans, and Michigan Tart cherries. Since we purchase the ingredients at a low price in bulk, we have decided to pass that savings on to you, so you can taste the freshest fruits and nuts you’ve ever had, all while costing you less than you’d spend at a conventional grocery store. We want you to have the same experience I had in the garden that day, no matter where you live, or how busy your life.
    Our Official Partnership with Everyday Productions.
    By partnering with Everyday Productions, led by co-founders Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote, we are widening the net of consumers we reach and also educate about the food system.
    This partnership ignited when Mark and Ethan began working on a documentary on the impact of the food system with our environment, and the power of the food industry to educate, connect, and revitalize our economy. We understood the benefit of creating a documentary about solutions, yet we are eager to actually dig down and become a very real part of our own solution in the food system through Everyday Adventure Treats. This creative partnership is going to beautifully impact the lives of many people from every corner of our world who will now have a healthy, fresh, quality snack accessible to them!

    Everyday Adventure Treats is not just a business, it is a lifestyle for all of us involved. Mark, Ethan, and I spent some time this summer driving California's Central Valley, observing the area that outputs the majority of country's produce. We witnessed the droughts and effects of fires on the environment. Through the teamwork on Feeding Tomorrow, consumers will continue to see the impact the food industry has on every aspect of our lives.
    Our Treats are a byproduct of this realization that we cannot cut corners now in order to go back and fix those problems later. Everyday Adventure Treats is built on a solid foundation of everything we believe in; on connection to small-farmers, interacting with our communities, using the freshest ingredients possible, and moving almost exclusively to organic ingredients. Our customers’ return-rate is extremely high, because relationships are the most valued part of who we are.
    We are different because we spend more time and energy on the product itself than the packaging and the marketing. In comparison, most food companies market so vast and wide, that they can run a very successful business model by supplying every grocery store in the country, and never needing those stores to purchase again. Even if 40% of the product is wasted (the national average of food waste), the companies still make a large profit from such vast quantities, with no concern for the waste.
    At Everyday Adventure Treats, we do not waste our nut, literally. Our process involves hand-rolling each bar so nothing is wasted inside a machine. I have spoken at length to independent organic farmers that will supply our fruits and nuts ethically and directly to us. My team has spoken to farmers all over the Midwest to see what we can source locally and freshly.

    This is why we are expanding our line of good beyond simply our snack bars, to include our organic and small-farm sourced fruits, nuts, spices, and more. Besides the simple act of reducing waste, we value every nut and seed that goes into our bar. We make it affordable to you because of the care we put into sourcing our ingredients. From Farmer to Friend to you, we know exactly where your food has come from, how long since its harvest, and when its delivered freshly to your mouths.  We cut no corners, and we value every step of our process as a model of the highest integrity. For there is nothing more important to our bodies than how we feed them, rest them, and move them in connection with our loving environment.

    Everyday is an Adventure, and we shall provide the Treats to sustain you!
    -Becca, Mark, Ethan, and the Everyday Team

    Why We Are Dope :
    1) We are the freshest quality bar on the market
    2) Beginning in November, our packaging will be 100% COMPOSTABLE, made from renewable trees
    3) We employ humans to handcraft the product, not machines
    4) We use all non-gmo (moving towards all-organic) ingredients
    5) We support small-farms, and local when possible so we know the source of all our ingredients
    6) We are making moves to add a line of "Locally-grown" and "Seasonal" snacks.
    7) All products are Vegan and Gluten Free
    8) Every ingredient serves a purpose! There are no fillers to dilute our products.
    9) We listen to customer feedback extensively to constantly improve our line